The Living Memory of Cities – Seminar series 2020–21

The Living Memory of Cities is a project originally conceived by Dr José de Paiva as an international symposium, and convened thereafter as a collaboration between Eric Parry Architects and research group Ecological, Architectural and Civic Humanities in Design (EACHiD) at CUBE: the Centre for Urban & Built Ecologies.

Through two series of seminars running from November 2020 - March 2022 and an international symposium in Summer 2022, this project will facilitate an ongoing knowledge exchange between practitioners, planners, academics, students and the general public.

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The Living Memory of Cities – Seminar series 2020–21

Speaker/titleDate/timeBook now
David Leatherbarrow, Whole Parts: Urban Architecture, In and Out of Scale Thursday 12 November, 5pm Registration closed
Peter Carl, The Enigma of Embodiment Wednesday 9 December, 5pm Registration closed
Carolyn Steel, Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World Wednesday 13 January, 5pm Registration closed
William Mann, Untimely Buildings Tuesday 16 February, 5pm Registration closed
Vivien Lovell, The Art of Urban Memory Wednesday 17 March, 5pm Registration closed
Patrick Lynch, Civic Ground in the City of Westminster and Hackney Tuesday 27 April, 5pm Registration closed
Philip Christou, Poetic Transformations of Topography Tuesday 25 May, 5pm Registration closed




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Coming soon

Planning for the second series of The Living Memory of Cities seminars starting in October 2021 is underway. We look forward to announcing another fantastic lineup of speakers very soon. Follow our Twitter and Eventbrite if you'd like to stay updated.

The Living Memory of Cities – Seminar series