Lipidomics and Nutrition Research Centre

The research remits of the Lipidomics and Nutrition Research centre are to unravel the role of lipids and antioxidant nutrients in growth and development and genetic (sickle cell disease) and non-genetic chronic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder for example).

The medium and short term aims are to investigate:

  1. The therapeutic potential of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and vitamin D for chronic disease and elucidate mechanisms.
  2. How receptor function and signalling, cognitive function and behaviour are affected by changes in membrane lipid composition.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging of brain pathology in patients with chronic diseases.
  4. Placental fatty acid receptor and transporter protein function and dysfunction in pregnancy and foetal development.
  5. The effect of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids on the insulin action of hypothalamic neurons.
  6. Fatty acids and related lipid mediators and their role in immune function, and autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

Between 2014 and 2021, the research centre has conducted successfully basic and translation investigations in collaborations with nine international and seven national institutions, published peer-reviewed (23) and international conference (33) publications, hosted international visiting researchers:

  • Madu A MD, University of Nigeria, Enugu, May-August 2015 
  • Ibrahim FI MD, University of Khartoum, Sudan, February-July 2016 
  • Oghagbon EK MD, Benue State University, Makurdi, October 2015-April 2016


To enhance and broaden the lipidomic research pertaining to nutrition, pre- and post-natal growth and development, optimal health, and neuro-visual and vascular dysfunction induced by chronic and genetic disorders.

Primary objective

To undertake basic and applied research primarily on lipid and membrane biochemistry in relation to development and health.

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Prof Kebreab Ghebremeskel

Deputy Director

Dr Laurence Harbige


Dr Yoeju Min

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