How qualitative network analysis can offer new opportunities in transnational migration research

Thursday 7 October 2021

This event was to launch the publication of a special issue of Global Networks, co-hosted by University of Neuchâtel, LAPS (NCCR) and the Global Diversities and Inequalities Research Centre.

Janine Dahinden, University of Neuchâtel, and Louise Ryan, London Metropolitan University, were pleased to announce the launch of this special issue which they guest edited.

In this webinar they presented the manifold ways that social network research has the potential to address how major pitfalls in migration studies are confronted.

Contributors discussed how applying a qualitative approach to social networks can overcome metaphoric uses of ‘network’ as well as nation-state and ethnicity-centred epistemologies.

Guest speakers:

Colourful threads arranged in a network

Watch the qualitative network analysis and transnational migration research webinar.

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Photo credit: Omar Flores via Unsplash

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