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The Cyber Security Research Centre was created as an extension of the Security Lab of the School of Computing and Digital Media, which is connected directly to the internet and operates under local system administration. Currently it occupies half of the seventh floor of London Met's Tower Building and includes several spaces:

  • a secure lab with 50 workstations under the control of a network server and equipped with software for teaching security modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level working within a secure environment 
  • a private cloud based on Google Kubenetes for experimental research and development of cyber security solutions, running on a 48-processor Linux cluster 
  • several development studios dedicated to consultancy, development and innovation projects in partnership with industrial partners of the Centre 
  • conference spaces for organising public seminars, presentations and demonstrations 
  • meeting space for working meetings with business and academic partners

Our resources

 Cyber security lab
Cyber Security Lab


 Development studios
Cyber Security Development Studios


 Seminar room
Cyber Security Seminar Room