Impact of research

Impact Case Study 1

Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP): four past KTP projects with companies Decibel Analytics, ASKO Electronics, iConnect Cars and Coburn created awareness of the contemporary business practices and helped establishing sustainable relationships with the industry, which has had a long-lasting impact on the employability of our students and on staff professional development.

Impact Case Study 2

Innovate UK Cyber Academic Startup Acceleration Program: two past projects and two current project applications built the first experience in the innovation process and initial knowledge of the commercialisation process for transferring academic research to industry in the area of cyber security. Thanks to participation in the programme, our Cyber Security Research Centre and our School of Computing and Digital Media also obtained its first experience in software developing after the Agile methodology utilising the DevOps principles for enterprise development. This will have a significant impact on the current teaching practice within the School and the future research of the Cyber Security Research Centre.

Impact Case Study 3

Lloyds Banking Group Knowledge Exchange Partnership: five past projects and one ongoing project laid the ground for establishing a sustainable partnership with the flagship UK bank. At the same time, this influenced both the research and education within cyber security with real-life use cases and business scenarios, which helped in creating the University's Artificial Intelligence MSc course.