Recent publications and articles in preparation
  1. W. Sowinski-Mydlarz, V. Vassilev and K. Ouazzane, Logical Analysis of Vulnerability in Banking Operations (in preparation).
  2. M. Lane, K. Mohamed, A. Naciscionis, A. Phipps and V. Vassilev. Beacon-Based Authentication for Voice-controlled Devices (in preparation).
  3. W. Sowinski-Mydlarz, V. Vassilev. Querying and Data Processing in Intelligent Systems based on Semantic Indexing (in preparation).
  4. K. Bataityte, V. Vassilev and J. Gill. Theory of Dynamic Behaviour in Description Logic (in preparation).
  5. Y. Patel, K. Ouazzane and V. Vassilev, Deep Learning for Fraud Detection in Online Banking, J. Neural Networks and Applications (2018, to appear).
  6. Y. Patel, K. Ouazzane, V. Vassilev and I. Faruqi, Keystroke Dynamics using Autoencoders, IEEE Conf. Biometrics, Los Angelos CA (2018, to appear).
  7. M. Afzal, K. Ouazzane and V. Vassilev, K-Nearest Neighbours Based Classifiers for Moving Object Trajectories Reconstruction, In Proc. Third Int. Conf. on Applications and Systems of Visual Paradigms VISUAL2018, Venice, 2018, pp. 7-12; ISBN: 9781612086477.
  8. P. Gasiorowski, V. Vassilev and K. Ouazzane, 3D Simulation-based Analysis of Individual and Group Dynamic Behaviour in Video Surveillance, In Proc. Third Int. Conf. on Applications and Systems of Visual Paradigms, Venice, 2018, pp. 1-6; ISBN: 9781612086477.
  9. M. Afzal, K. Ouazzane and V. Vassilev (2016). Incremental reconstruction of moving object trajectory, In: Proc. Int. Conf. on Visualization, Barcelona, 2016; ISBN: 978-1-61208-520-3.
  10. P. Gasiorowski, V. Vassilev and K. Ouazzane (2016). Simulation-based Visual Analysis of Individual and Group Dynamic Behavior. In: Proc. 20th International Conference on Image Processing, Computer Vision, & Pattern Recognition (IPCV'16), CSREA Press, 2016, pp. 303-309; ISBN 1601324421
  11. K.Ouazzane, M. Aigbodi, D. Mitchell and V. Vassilev, J. Li (2014), An Innovative Custom Cyber Security Solution for Protecting Enterprise and Corporates’ Assets, International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation, pp. 53-64.
  12. D. Ratnayake, H. Kazemian and S. Yusuf (2014), Identification of Probe Request Attacks in WLANs using Neural Networks, Neural Computing and Applications journal. Online October 2013
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  15. N. Bajnaid, R. Benlamri, A. Pakstas and S. Salekzamankhani (2013), Software Quality Assurance Ontology: from Development to Evaluation. SEKE 2013: Proc. Of the 25th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, Boston, USA, 27-29 June 2013.
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  18. E.H. Elshazly, M.A. Ashour, E.M. El-Rabaie, A.M. Abbas, F.E.A. El-Samie and H. Kazemian, Secure Semi Blind Image Watermarking Using Fractional Fourier and Wavelet Transforms, CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, vol. 4, no. 11, June 2012 Issue.
  19. D.N. Ratnayake, H. Kazemian and S.A. Yusuf, Improved Detection of Probe Request Attacks Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm, SECRYPT 2012 - International Conference on Security and Cryptography, part of 9th International joint conference on e-business and telecommunications - Rome, pp. 345–350, 24-27 July 2012.
  20. E.H. Elshazly, M.A. Ashour, E.M. El-Rabaie, A.M. Abbas, F.E.A. El Samie and H. Kazemian, Secured Semi Blind Image Watermarking in Fractional Wavelet Domain, submitted to the Eight International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems – ICCES, 27-29 November 2012.
  21. E.H. Elshazly, M.A. Ashour, E.M. El-Rabaie, A.M. Abbas and H. Kazemian, An Efficient Fractional Fourier Transform Approach for Digital Image Watermarking, 29th National Radio Science Conference, (NRSC 2012), Cairo, Egypt, pp. 245-254, 10-12 April 2012.

Recent publications

 Dr. Vassilev Presenting during Cyber ASAP Demo Day
Cyber Security ASAP Demo Day


 Prof Ouazzane with Anthony Phipps during Cyber ASAP Demo Day
Prof Ouazzane with Anthony Phipps during Cyber ASAP Demo Day