Self-management by older people living with cancer and multi-morbidity

The Centre for Primary Health & Social Care at London Metropolitan University organised an event titled Self-management by Older People Living with Cancer and Multi-morbidity.

Dr Teresa Corbett, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences and Nursing, Solent University - Southampton, was the speaker.

Many individuals diagnosed with cancer are aged over 70, and more than 75% of those with cancer report at least one other medical condition. Having multiple conditions alongside cancer in old age may lower functional status, greater likelihood of treatment complications and less favourable prognoses.

In this talk, Dr Teresa Corbett discussed the conclusions from a qualitative synthesis, as well as findings from qualitative interviews she has conducted. The findings illustrate the importance of factors that influence the everyday health-related workload and capacity of older adults with cancer. These include general health, resources, and opportunities, as well as motivation and a sense of perceived control.

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