'It’s my diabetes': Children and young people lived experiences

The Centre for Primary Health and Social Care at London Metropolitan University organised an event titled 'It’s my diabetes': Children and young people's lived experiences. During the event, children and young people shared their thoughts and feelings about their lives with diabetes.

Our speaker was Dr Darren Sharpe, Associate Professor in Social Justice Studies, University of East London.

This seminar focused on the voices of children and young people living with diabetes and critically discussed what matters most to them for their physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. The seminar drew on recent empirical work undertaken by Dr Sharpe with or for children and young people as part of the NHS England Diabetes TYA Pilot Programme evaluation, Diabetes UK national conversation to embed the voices of young people in T1 diabetes research, and North Thames CLARCH study exploring marginalised CYP low uptake of diabetes services. The golden thread that connects each of these studies is the role of the triangle island of home, school and leisure in which children and young people must effectively negotiate and navigate to build liveable lives.

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