Speakers Corner: Bryan Oknyansky

A lecture by Bryan Oknyansky.

Bryan Oknyansky is an international award-winning product architect known for inventing pioneering products that have taken him around the world as a lecturer and speaker. With 15 years of experience in the architecture, product and footwear design industries, Bryan specialises in using the latest robotic manufacturing technologies like 3D printing to reinvent the world around us one product at a time. Bryan founded Shoes By Bryan in 2012 – a London-based fashion and technology startup pioneering mass-market 3D printed footwear unique to every single foot in the world while also looking, and feeling, great. Alongside running his growing design practice, Bryan is an innovation consultant to multiple design industries, directs an independent CAD training program and is a visiting lecturer at Regent’s University London School of Fashion and Design.

"My talk will be about how I came to work across disciplines and the challenges I’ve faced inventing new products."

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Date  30 October 2015
Time  1pm - 2pm
Location  Central House CE1-19



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