Cass Research Workshops Summer Term 2019

2018-19 series of Cass Research Workshops.

The term ‘Practice Research’ captures a multivalent form of research incorporating an element of practice in the methodology, subject matter, delivery context or output. Rather than seeing the relationship between practice and theory as a dichotomy, as has traditionally been the case, a growing body of scholarship argues for practice as not only part of but essential to research in many creative or professional disciplines.

In this workshop we will discuss modes of practice as research. Within arts and humanities departments there are ongoing debates about how to define the phenomenon and a variety of models of practice research: practice-as-research, practice-based, practice-led, mixed-mode research practice and practice through research. The workshop will offer case study examples of practice framed as research. Staff and postgraduate research students will have the opportunity to work in groups, sharing and discussing their own practice and defining it in terms of research method or output.

This is one of the 2018-19 series of Cass Research Workshops. The series, which covers a range of topics – from practice as research, to academic writing, to book-publishing – aims to support and encourage staff from The Cass and postgraduate research students to develop key skills in academic research for artists, designers, writers, architects and other fields of creative practice.

We strongly encourage you to attend these workshops! Registration is essential as spaces are limited.

Cass Research Workshops schedule: 

The Cass is incomparable in its capacity for the creation and exchange of knowledge in the fields of creative writing, art, design and architecture cognate disciplines. Much of this knowledge is expressed through practice and many of our academic staff are exceptional practitioners. It is vital that we successfully capture the practical wisdom, pedagogy and research created every day at The Cass, and show the world what we are capable of as active participants in the knowledge economy.

If you would like to find out more, want to discuss your research, proposoe a topic for the Cass Research Seminar, or would like to request that we run a workshop on a specific theme which would help you in your research, please contact Jane Clossick at or Matthew Barac at

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Tuesday 4 June, 10am-1pm
Monday 24 June, 2-5pm
Tuesday 2 July, 2-5pm
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London Metropolitan University – The Cass
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