Devonshire Square

A joint Fashion and Fashion Photography project to produce images for display at the Devonshire Square complex.

Developers Nuveen and Curators Acrylicize offered a funded competition for Fashion and Fashion Photography students to design garments, and photograph them. The images will be shown in the Devonshire Square estate in Autumn 2022, and on the street on ventilation louvres in 2023.

The students used African wax fabrics from Wentworth Street to research and make garments, then produced photoshoots for the images. Following a catwalk show and salon event, four pairs have been chosen to be shown in large format on the estate.

The winning pairs were:

Roger Arcoss (Photography BA) and Jun Hao Ren (Fashion BA)
Helen Crowley (Photography BA) and Dina Yabari (Fashion BA)
Daniel Ferreres (Photography BA) andSofia Stroudley (Fashion BA)
Annabel Forde (Photography BA) andAngelo Ramaglia (Fashion BA)

Collection of images from Devonshire Square project


BA Fashion
BA Fashion Photography