Deborah Blessing

Deborah Blessing came to London Met to study a top-up degree in public health and health promotion. She joined the University through clearing, the system which allows university applicants who haven't had an offer, or who no longer wish to accept their offer, can join a university which still has unfilled places.

She talks us through her clearing journey.

Why did you decide to use clearing?

Originally I had a place at a different university to do a three-year course in Public Health, which I applied to as I wanted a change of career but was struggling to find employment with a lack of experience in the field. But I just could not stomach doing another three years, as I had already spent a long time on my previous qualifications. I ended up cancelling my offer on the UCAS app and became eligible for clearing.

That's when I started searching for other universities which offer the subject and good old Google brought up a few different institutions. London Metropolitan stood out because the top-up degree offered me the chance to achieve the same qualifications in a shorter time period. I quickly made a phone call to their admissions team and spoke to an amazing advisor. I spoke to her about my qualifications to make sure they met the requirements of the course, and secured my place at the University.

What was it like making the phone call? Were you nervous?

The advisor I spoke to was professional and got straight to the point regarding my qualifications. I liked this approach because clearing can be a daunting process and you need clear advice, especially with the high volumes of calls they may be receiving to gain access at their institution.  

How much did you know about London Met before you applied? Has anything surprised you since you got here? 

I knew nothing about London Met, absolutely nothing, but I was surprised. I have dyslexia and my academic journey has always been challenging. London Met has an amazing student disability team and offers sensitive marking, which was something that no other university I have come across has. This allows the lecturer to be sensitive when marking your work. The general study skills offered by the university library team is the best I have ever seen at a university level. When you think of support, think London Met. The energy that the university gives when a student applies themselves is very positive.

Deborah Blessing, Public Health and Health Promotion (Top-up) - BSc (Hons) graduate