Collaboration in Higher Education

An international symposium co-organised by London Met and the University of Calgary highlighted stories of practice, spaces and places for partnership.

Date: 13 April 2022

London Met’s Professor Digby Warren shared his expertise at the 2022 International Symposium on Collaboration in Higher Education conference, where he was a keynote speaker.

Taking place on 7 April 2022, the Symposium built on a special issue of the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice co-edited by London Met academics, entitled Collaboration in Higher Education. This highlighted stories of practice, spaces and places for partnership - between staff and students - and between institutions and wider stakeholders.

The Symposium was built around four key strands; cross-team working, cross-institutional collaboration, cross-boundary working, and pedagogical co-creation and students as partners.

It was organised jointly by the Teaching and Learning Online Network (TALON) at the University of Calgary, which offers a hub for critical discussion of approaches to online design education; and Take5 at London Met, which provides resources and a monthly blog that educators can use to feed their passion for emancipatory and creative learning, teaching and assessment.

Professor Digby Warren is Head of the Centre for Teaching Enhancement (CTE), Professor of Higher Education, and Co-Director of the Higher Education Research Group (HERG) at London Met.

He has been working in higher education development for 30 years, joining what is now London Metropolitan University in January 2001. His chief area of expertise is curriculum development and higher education pedagogy, about which he has produced over 60 conference papers, published articles and book chapters – with a focus on student diversity and transformational approaches. He has co-edited two books on contemporary teaching practice in higher education, one of them extensively updated and expanded for a second edition.

He was joined by Dr Natasha Kenny, Senior Director of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary in giving a keynote speech. They said, “Collaboration has transformational potential and can change institutions for the better.”

graphic of an open book reading 'Collaboration in Higher Education'