EVENT: Ways to Wander the Gallery

Cass lecturer launches latest book with sold out performative talk event at Tate Modern

Date: 08 November 2018

Cass visual communication lecturer Clare Qualmann is presenting a performative talk at the Tate Modern on the 8th November as as part of the launch of Ways To Wander The Gallery a new book she has co-authored with Claire Hind.

In the summer of 2017, Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann led a series of workshops at Tate Modern looking at the relationship between walking, art, experimental writing and composition. They then invited each participant to create a page for Ways to Wander the Gallery.

Ways to Wander the Gallery includes reflections on our relationship to the ‘consumption’ of art in the gallery space and the the artists’ pages which are each an invitation to readers to wander in the gallery and beyond.

The book asks readers to reconsider their walked relationship with art. How playful and embodied can our wandering be in spaces that often make our feet ache? This is an invitation to try 25 different ways to wander in and well beyond the art gallery inspired by the work of artists Rebecca Horn, Bruce Nauman, Hito Steyerl, Janet Cardiff, Julie Mehretu and others.

During the sold out launch event at the Tate Modern, Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann will look at durational walks, rule-based ambulatory experiences, micro-performances of the everyday, interventions and performance walking encounters. They will also share examples of experimental writing and drawing through performance.

Ways to Wander The Gallery by Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann is published by Triachy Press and is available from bookshops and online retailers.

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