Translating for a vital new health campaign

Three MA students have translated subtitles for an awareness video for a new HIV prevention campaign.

Date: 24 October 2017

Liudmila Tomanek, Karolina Rozkosz and Jagoda Zega, who are all MA Translation students at London Metropolitan University, were commissioned to translate subtitles for an awareness video.

The students contributed to the translation of subtitles for a video by Prepster, a volunteer group of London-based HIV prevention activists, who launched a national awareness campaign to promote the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), an anti-HIV pill.

The three students worked together to translate the video from English into Russian and Polish. Jagoda said: “I believe that cooperation helped us obtain a high-quality translation through putting into practice all of the knowledge and skills gained from our course. It is amazing to know that our work really matters.”

Karolina Rozkosz said: “I was very happy to receive my first translation request and that I could help in such an important campaign. When I saw it published in the final product online I felt proud.”

The video is a prominent part of a new campaign to address some of the common issues and challenges faced by people who use PrEP and is being released to coincide with the start of the NHS Impact Trial, a pioneering implementation trial to provide HIV prevention drugs to people at high risk of HIV infection.

“I feel so proud that I had this opportunity to contribute to a project of such vital importance for the health of so many people,” said Liudmila.

“Thank you for giving me this very special opportunity!”

Dr Will Nutland, co-founder of PrEPster, said: “A large proportion of people who are diagnosed with HIV in London don't have English as a first language. It's essential that information is available and accessible to everyone and the work of students on these translations means that essential information about PrEP can reach a broad and diverse audience.”

The video is available to watch on YouTube. You can choose a selection of subtitles from the settings tog on the video.

Image: A 'behind the scenes' shot of the video being filmed by the Prepster team. Image courtesy of Prepster.