The value of peer learning

A new report highlights the work of London Met's Social Integration and Regeneration Learning Network to facilitate peer learning in London's local authorities.

Date: 2 December 2021

London Met’s Social Integration and Regeneration Learning Network are pleased to publish an evaluation report on their work - a programme commissioned by the Mayor of London and delivered by the London Met Lab in 2020-21. 

The emphasis of the programme was peer learning facilitation for London's local authorities around social integration and regeneration in an unique context given by the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery efforts across the capital.

Professor Diana Stirbu, who led the design and delivery of the programme, reflected on the value of peer learning and creating the conditions for developing a community of practice around social integration and regeneration. 

She said, "London is one of the most diverse and constantly evolving cities in the world. Its neighbourhoods, high streets and public spaces offer multiple opportunities for Londoners to take part in and lead vibrant social lives, and connect with others.

“However, the pace, extent and ways in which places and spaces transform can sometimes have a damaging impact on local communities and the way we live together. Therefore embedding social integration principles within regeneration policy and practice is critical.

"Our engagement with local authority officers, experts, community engagement and social integration professionals has shown the value of peer learning, of creating the space and time for people to interact in structured and unstructured ways, of including interdisciplinary perspectives and bringing in diverse voices to share expertise and lived experience.

"A community of practice around social integration and regeneration has the potential to support and enhance inclusive and socially integrated regeneration practice in London boroughs."