Students present research findings to peers

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Students present research findings to peers

Seven students from London Metropolitan University recently presented their research results at the prestigious British Conference of Undergraduate Research.

Date: 26 April 2018

Seven students from London Metropolitan University’s School of Human Sciences recently presented their research at the 2018 British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR).

Hosted by the University of Sheffield on 12 and 13 April, the BCUR welcomed hundreds of students from 69 institutions across the UK to present their work to 600 delegates.

Elina Zalite, Kelly Power, Ali Aburigh, Dominik Brotherton, Pia Allan, Natalia Sawicka, Norman Guzzardi and James Beattie presented their research at the conference.

"It was a real pleasure to attend this event once again but this time as a presenter. It is really nice to see collaboration being promoted on national level where all disciplines of research come together under one roof," said Elina Zalite, who studied Pharmaceutical Science BSc at London Met and is now a Graduate Intern for the department of Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Science through the University’s Graduate Internship scheme.

Elina presented her work on how different dissolution profiles of Ibuprofen can be used as an educational tool.

Elina was joined by Kelly Power, an Education Studies BA graduate, who was also shortlisted in the 2017 Undergraduate Awards Programme, who presented her research findings about ‘What Meanings Do Home-Educating Parents Attach To Childhood?’

"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss my academic interests with students from across the country, and the pan-disciplinary nature of the event meant that I also caught an enticing glimpse of some research topics in fields very different from my own," she said.

"Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding experience."

"Attending the BCUR gave me the chance to discuss a wide range of research topics with other students and to see that there is a wide community of undergraduate researchers," said James Beattie, a Chemistry BSc student.

Biomedical Science BSc student, Dominik Brotherton, presented his dissertation which analyses DNA samples.

He said: "The conference was genuinely one of the best I've been to. It is much more interesting for students to link with each other and hear about their research, rather than be advertised at by grey-suited, branded-pen wielding company reps at more corporate events, which tend to be dull and uninspiring. At the BCUR there was a real energy and camaraderie."

The BCUR promotes undergraduate research in all disciplines. The Conference meets annually every spring in a different British university. Undergraduates of all levels are invited to submit oral presentations, posters, workshops and performances to the Conference.

It has been announced that the 2019 BCUR will be hosted at the University of South Wales.

With thanks to the following colleagues for their time and work on supervising the dissertations: