Seminar attended by international delegates

London Met’s Law department recently held a seminar to discuss The English Common Law and Postgraduate Legal Research Methodology.

Date: 17 February 2017

Over 10 delegates attended an international seminar held at London Met’s Moorgate campus on 8 February 2017.

Three speakers present were; Barrie Goldstone, Head of Law at London Met, Dr Ionna Magklasi, Course Leader for LLM in Maritime Law, and Dita Gill, Senior Lecturer in Law.

Manuj Bhardwaj, Chairman and Research Associate at the Indian National Bar Association (INBA), said: “The students learned a lot about the UK legal education system and about the LLM programs offered by London Met’s Law School.

“The discussions were relevant and thoughtful and interaction with the Law School was interesting.”

The seminar was held in association with INBA the and was attended by delegates; Mr. Kaviraj Singh, Secretary General, INBA; Mr. Manuj Bhardwaj, Research Associate, INBA; Ms. Shruti Gulia, Student of Law, University of Delhi; Kirthana Khurana, Student of Law, University of Delhi; Ms Spandana Nagesh, Student of Law, Alliance University; Ms. Shambhavi Shivani, Student of Law, Chanakya National Law University; Mr. Sumit Nagar, Student of Law, University of Delhi; Mr. Harish, Student of Law, University of Delhi; Mr. Suyash Sahai, Student of Law, University of Allahabad; Mr. Avineet Singh Chawla, Student of Law, Punjabi University; and Mr. Mukesh Kumar Vashisht, Student of Law, Punjabi University.

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