Regular Practice

Graphic design studio, Regular Practice, will be collaborating with Cass Visual Communications as research partners.

Regular Practice is a graphic design studio, based in east London, whose work primarily focuses on typography and process to develop books, typefaces, identities, exhibitions, and websites.

By engaging and interrogating the technical limitations of their work, Regular Practice seek to turn limitations into features, discovering a design rather than wrestling it into existence. A similar thing is true for their typographic approach—by focusing on the smallest building block of a design, the studio makes minute, but important, decisions that ultimately end up permeating a project.

As well as commercial work, Regular Practice also involves itself in self-initiated work and teaching.

The studio will be collaborating with the Visual Communications area at The Cass, which includes Graphic Design and Illustration - both at undergraduate and postgraduate.

Susanna Edwards,  Head of Cass Visual Communication, said: “We are delighted to be working with Regular Practice this coming year. This will be a very rewarding experience for both Graphic Design and Illustration students.

“They are an innovatory young studio who are working on really exciting projects, their skillsets cover all aspects of practice and they will be able to share their knowledge of practicing in industry helping students to develop their work and understand how to apply themselves as professionals in their field.”

Image: Jazz Posters by Regular Practice