Private viewing of acclaimed play at London Metropolitan University

Theatre Arts students were treated to a private viewing of 'Games', the latest play by Henry Naylor

Date: 4 December 2018

Celebrated playwright Henry Naylor, author of Borders and The Collector, visited London Metropolitan University last week to speak with second year Theatre and Performance Practice BA students about his new play Games, where Henry discussed his approach to dramatising historical material, questions of identity in the arts, and the wider responsibilities that artists have to their community. 

Henry then went on to invite the group, as well as Theatre and Film BA students, to a private dress rehearsal of the play, which took place at London Met last Thursday. 

Rishi Trikha, course leader and senior lecturer for the Theatre and Performance Practice BA, shortlisted the play for the Amnesty International Award, when it debuted at the famous Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Rishi said:

“So far this semester, Theatre Arts students have met with a number of eminent industry professionals, including the Literary Manager of the Royal Court Theatre and the Head of New Work of the National Theatre.  Henry Naylor's inspirational session with our students allowed them to think about how their own work can speak to the times that we live in.  He also gave them some great advice about how to develop their careers when they graduate. 

Subsequently, having the chance to see his piece performed in one of their own studios at the university allowed students to study the work more intimately than if they saw it at a public venue.  This also meant that they could have in-depth conversations with the company about questions concerning acting, directing, writing and design.”

Games is about two German Jewish athletes who fight to represent their country and community in the Olympics during the Nazi period, and is based on a true story. It is worth noting that one of the athletes, Gretel Bergmann, temporarily escaped to the UK where she studied at London Polytechnic, which then became London Metropolitan University.

Games will be playing at the Arcola Theatre next month.

One of German-Jewish athletes in the play

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