London Met to deliver innovative social integration programme

As a result of a grant from the Greater London Authority, the University will deliver the 2020 Social Integration & Regeneration Learning Network.

Date: 31 January 2020

London Metropolitan University is proud to be delivering the 2020 Social Integration & Regeneration Learning Network, thanks to funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Professor Diana Stirbu, who specialises in Policy and Governance in the School of Social Professions, will lead a team of experts across a range of academic disciplines to curate and deliver a programme of activities throughout 2020.

The Social Integration & Regeneration Learning Network brings together urban regeneration and social integration professionals, experts and academics, with the aim of sharing and developing learning opportunities across London boroughs.

Professor Stirbu said: “We’re delighted to have won a grant from the GLA to deliver this innovative programme, and we are very proud of the significant work we have planned around social integration in London. This project speaks closely to London Met’s commitment to social inclusion and our ambitions to Give Back to the City by engaging with our local communities and partners.

“Our primary focus will be on providing space, time and skilled facilitation to local authority regeneration teams to come together and to learn from one another. Through an exciting programme of networking and training events, supplemented by focused peer exchange sessions that will run throughout 2020, the network promises to build participants’ confidence and capacity in embedding social integration principles into their work on regeneration.”

Diana Stirbu with alumna Brittany Woodall