London Met Graduate Interprets For Obama

Date: 16/09/14

MA Conference Interpreting student, Ahmadou Gaye recently hit a career highlight when he interpreted for US President, Barack Obama in Senegal. Ahmadou, who works as a translator/ interpreter for the United States Agency for International Development, describes the experience as “humbling” but also “the ultimate confidence booster”. Although he expected to possibly see Mr Obama or shake his hand, Ahmadou found himself interpreting for the President, which was a complete surprise.

Describing his MA at London Met, Ahmadou explained, “it has prepared me to deal with the unexpected like interpreting for the US President without an interpreter's brief”. The course involves taking part in mock conferences and virtual classes with UN and EU conference services which help to prepare students for the demands of real-life conference translating. 

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London Met Graduates with Obama