Living with wood: Gleb Sobolev

Guest lecture by Gleb Sobolev, discussing the traditional timber architecture of Russia.

Gleb Sobolev, from our partner university MARCH in Moscow, will be visiting us at 6.30pm Thursday, 14 January to talk about the traditional timber architecture of Russia.

His lecture will show and discuss examples of traditional timber architecture from the specific area of Kenozero National Park, in the Archangelsk Region. Gleb will demonstrate how this traditional material is not only used for buildings, but also for domestic purposes. The lecture will establish the process of evolvement in the form of chapels and churches, methods of their restoration within the region and include how traditional technologies still in use have survived for hundreds of years.

MARCH is Moscow's new independent school of architecture. Its curriculum is based on the methodology used by leading Russian and international architects and incorporates the most important aspects found in international architectural education.

MARCH was developed in close partnership with the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) and London Metropolitan University (UK). It offers students the unique advantage of being able to obtain a British postgraduate qualification - MA and BA (Hons) in Architecture and Urbanism.

Gleb Sobolev

  • Architect, member of the Moscow Union of Architects.
  • Graduated Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) in 1995, Studied at the AA School of Architecture in 1991-93.
  • In 2003 opened “SGA Project” architectural bureau.
  • Currently teaches at Moscow Architectural School (MARCH) and Moscow Art Lyceum of Russian Academy of Arts
Traditional Russian church using timber architecture.

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Date Thursday, 14 January 2016, 6.30pm

4th Floor Boulevard

The Cass, Central House

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