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Leadership and communication

Doris Schedlitzki, Professor of Organisational Leadership, features in a new BBC learning resource exploring the communication styles of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Date: 18 February 2022

London Met's Professor Doris Schedlitzki features in a new resource from BBC Learning English about leadership and communication.

In a discussion about how language can be tailored to influence and inspire others, the video compared the communication styles of Barack Obama and Donald Trump – two leaders who built a following by connecting with an audience's values and emotions, in very different ways.

Professor Schedlitzki said, "From the examples of Obama and Trump, we can really learn that effective communication is crucial for leadership.

"Leadership in essence is about influence, inspiring others, taking them with you to understand and share a common goal and work towards that.

"As an absolute minimum, you need to effectively communicate what that goal is, and translate it to make it meaningful for those you're working with."

Doris is Professor of Organisational Leadership and the Head of Research at Guildhall School of Business and Law, London Met. Her main research focus is on leadership and explores the areas of cultural studies of leadership, discourse and leadership, leadership as identity, psychoanalytic approaches to leadership and the role of national language within cultural leadership studies.

She is currently involved in several projects and collaborations related to these different areas with UK and international colleagues in leadership and management studies, history and linguistics.