How can Interpreting be furthered into a career?

Three of London Met’s students have started their own company, outside of their studies.

Date: 22 May 2017

Three students from London Metropolitan University have started their own company after meeting during their time at the University.

Justyna Gutowska, Ewa Jasinska-Davidson and Kasia Wawrzon-Stewart, all MA Conference Interpreting students, started their business, Business Language Boutique, which offers a package interpreting deal to its clients.

“We provide boutique business solutions to our clients. Rather than focusing only on language services, we offer customised solutions to anyone who needs to communicate to a target audience that doesn't speak the same language,” said Katharina.

“In addition to interpreting and translation, we can help with event management, recruitment, project management and social media management. Clients can put their package together and we deliver as a team.”

“On a different level, the purpose of the company for us as freelancers is to be able to work together, join forces, experiences and ideas, collaborate, offering a wide portfolio of services offered, rather than compete against one another and the entire, already competitive, profession,” added Justyna.

The students came together after being advised to take their business idea forward by Ewa’s mentor.

Astonishingly, the three students hadn’t met before their course. Having only met through their studies, they quickly realised they shared the same ambitions. “We were all very busy mature part-time students and we quickly discovered that we share the same work ethics and style. We enjoyed collaborating together as a team while working on study-related projects, so it made sense to continue this collaboration after we graduated,” Kasia said.

“Also, we know we can trust each other and always have each other's backs. Rather than competing, we decided to combine our skill sets and work as a team.”

“Collaboration lies at heart of the interpreting course and it was an important element in bringing us together. We worked a lot practising online or in the booth outside of the university hours, spent a lot of time collaborating on various projects and in preparation for mock conferences,” added Justyna.

Kasia continued: “Conference Interpreting at London Met has a very strong collaborative element and students are always encouraged to work in groups and establish partnerships.

“We were also taught the correct booth etiquette and there was a strong emphasis on collegiality. Danielle D’Hayer always advises her students to harness the power of social media and online networks to collaborate”

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