Home is where media lecturers want to be as film festival opens
For the second year running, London Metropolitan University ran the launch event for the Reel Islington Film Festival. Senior lecturer in Journalism and Arts Journalism convenor Jude Rogers is organising and chairing the event, a panel exploring the festival's theme, 'Home Is Where I Want To Be'.

Once again, the event will bring together the faculty's Journalism and Film Studies departments, and take them into the local community. Panellists include Jude, Guardian film journalist Ali Catterall, Film Studies lecturer Leila Wimmer, and visiting film lecturer, Maurizio Cinquegrani. All will be talking about films, about home, and playing excerpts live.

The event will be held at Reel Islington's HQ for the weekend, Resource For London, 356 Holloway Road, from 4-5.30pm on Friday 28 February. Entry is free.

For more information see the Reel Islington website.