Leila Wimmer

Leila Wimmer is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at the School of Computing and Digital Media.

Leila Wimmer sitting in the garden in the summer

Leila Wimmer

Leila Wimmer is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and author of Cross-Channel Perspectives: the French Reception of British Cinema (Peter Lang, 2009). She also holds a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Warwick and an MA from Birkbeck College. Before joining London Metropolitan University, she was part-time lecturer in Film Studies at King's College London.


  • Cinephilia and Film Criticism
  • French Cinema and French Film Cultures
  • Issues of Reception and Interpretation
  • European Stardom
She teaches on undergraduate courses covering topics including:
  • Approaches to Film and Television
  • Cinema and Television in Europe
  • The French New Wave 
  • Film Reception and Interpretation
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Dr Leila Wimmer
Senior Lecturer in Film Studies