Fashion Marketing and Journalism BA receives grant from The Drapers Company

The grant will fund the course's upcoming 'Newsweek', which will see a distinguished panel discuss sustainability in fashion with students.

Date: 4 November 2021

London Met's Fashion Marketing and Journalism BA course is thrilled and honoured to receive another grant today from The Drapers Company Textile Working Group. This grant will be used to prepare our upcoming Fashion Newsweek this spring, which is one of the highlights of the course's academic year.   

"Fashion Reborn: Reuse, Rewear, Rethink" will invite a distinguished panel of guests in March to discuss whether we can survive as a throw-away society, what our reckless shopping habits are doing to the planet, and how we can encourage sustainability. After all, today's waste is tomorrow's clothing.
Questions students will ask the panellists include: Do personal sustainable choices really make a difference? How can we encourage fashion brands to become more sustainable? What is the best way to highlight - and stop - the practice of greenwashing? What are some concrete ways we can remake and re-vision our wardrobes, using what is already there?
Every year the Journalism BA courses have two Newsweeks - one concentrating on politics and the other on fashion. Students work in groups to prepare TV, radio, print and online packages to shine a light on topics of social importance and debate.
Last year, our fashion debate was titled "Covid and Me: Do we still care what we wear?", while in previous years the Fashion Newsweeks have centred around diversity in fashion, vegan fashion, and cultural appropriation in the industry.
Our Newsweeks are open to all. Our first Newsweek of the year on student mental health will take place in January. Watch this space for further details.
PHOTO: James De Mers, Pixabay
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