Exploring and understanding health and wellbeing

The Centre for Primary Health and Social Care facilitated research sharing on a variety of diverse topics, including bullying in education, the health of carers, and migrant rights.

Date: 21 February 2020

The third annual Interdisciplinary Health and Wellbeing Research Conference took place on 14 February 2020 at Holloway Campus. The conference is organised annually by the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care in London Met’s School of Social Professions.  

The event is an opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic research being undertaken at the School. The conference explores interdisciplinarity in relation to health and wellbeing, and it brings together lecturers and students from various disciplines including Social Work, Youth Work, Public Administration, Community Development, Education and Health. In so doing, this conference seeks to stimulate discussion on how methodological diversity can help us examine complex questions relating to health and wellbeing. 

Dr Yolanda Eraso Research Lead for the School of Social Professions commented, “We aim to create an environment that allows interdisciplinary research to flourish, with fresh ideas and approaches to problem-solving which ultimately benefit local communities and vulnerable groups, and can lead to improvements in health and wellbeing outcomes.”

The conference consisted of four sessions including staff, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD student presentations, some working in projects together with lecturers. Presentation topics this year ranged from bullying in education, to anti-racism and discrimination; from migrants access to healthcare, to engaging with fathers in social work practices; from disability and employment, to the health of carers and breast cancer survivors.

Presentations were then followed by plenary sessions which explored questions from an audience of approximately 120 students, who actively engaged in discussions throughout the day.