England is Mine...and Morrissey's

The University hosted an exclusive film screening of England is Mine offering students an insight into the film industry.

Date: 6 December 2017

London Metropolitan University's School of Computing and Digital Media hosted a screening of 'England is Mine,' a feature film based on pop star Morrissey's early life in 1970s Manchester before he achieved world fame as lead singer of The Smiths.

Hosted on Monday 4 December at London Met's Holloway campus, the screening was open to students and staff and was attended by William Thacker, co-writer of the film.

William said: "England Is Mine is a portrait of Morrissey before he was famous, but more than that, it's about growing up and discovering who you are. So it's a film for young people as much as anyone else.

"I loved meeting students at London Met and hearing their questions. It was a great event and brilliant to see the students' enthusiasm for cinema."

Suzanne Cohen, a lecturer in Digital Media BA, Digital Media MA, Film and Broadcast Production BA, Film and Television Studies BA and Media and Communications BSc at London Met, said: "It is so important to have industry experts to come in and speak to students. Will is an up and coming screenwriter and was therefore able to offer an excellent insight into his career.

"The students found it very inspiring to hear him talk about his career path into writing feature films and he was very open and accessible in the questions afterwards."