Engaging with students using relevant and interesting research

London Metropolitan University is committed to improving student’s employability after graduation.

Date: 1 March 2018

The School of Social Professions and the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care, held a day-long health research conference dedicated to final year undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Held in early 2018, the conference designed to enhance employability skills and career prospects by focusing on relevant research within the health and social care field.

Dr Yolanda Eraso, Director of the Centre for Primary Health and Social Care, said: “As lecturers, we have expertise on a range of topics and disciplines, and we are very excited to share with students our projects and discuss our recent work.

“As they enter they enter a competitive market place our students will find having knowledge of the latest research in their field will give them a competitive advantage.”

The programme was organised around a cluster of themes, with the aim of presenting a range of methodologies and approaches in health research as well as best-practice examples. The programme covered a range of papers across five distinct sessions:

  • Participatory research
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Health in education and policy
  • Health and vulnerable groups
  • Living with cancer

Professor Suman Fernando, Honorary Professor for Mental Health at London Met, presented results on a project on trauma and global health in Sri Lanka. Students engaged in stimulating discussions about the project’s research methodologies and its application to practice and services destined to improve health in communities.

Kelly Cooper, Head of Health and Early Childhood areas, commented: “It was a privilege to witness the range and richness of the research being presented. Our lecturers are experts in their field and the conference provided an opportunity to share a wealth of contemporary knowledge with students. We hope that exposure to such diverse approaches to research will inspire students who are embarking on their own research projects this semester.”

The conference was attended by students from BSc Health and Social Care, BSc Health and Social Policy, BSc Public Health and Health Promotion, and MSc Public Health and MSc Health and Social Care Management and Policy.