What our study abroad students say

Studying abroad can be one of the best experiences you can have as a student. You'll able to live and study as a native would while developing your independence, confidence, social skills, academic knowledge and hopefully your appreciation of your host country and university. You'll get all this while still having the comfort of a dedicated support network here at the University. It's rare to meet a student who regretted doing a semester abroad and it can only enhance your appeal to future employers to have a study abroad semester or year listed on your CV. It does involve a bit of research and preparation but the benefits far outweigh any niggling doubts you may have.

There's no need to take our word for it – just take a look at what some of London Met's former study abroad students had to say...

Anna Pujol from Spain

"I have always wanted to study abroad, and I just finally achieved that goal. A dream that I imagined one way and that has exceeded all my expectations; the people I met, the university, the city…everything! 

"Making the decision to start this journey can be difficult and there are plenty of doubts but it is more than worth it. The growth that one can experience doing a study abroad programme is huge and amazing; you get to live far from home, meet new people every day, speak in a different language, learn a new culture, move within a new city, and much more. 

"I was impressed by the excellent attitude of my teachers, always trying to give their best to help us with the module, my classmates that welcomed me very warmly, and the people from the university in general. I also made it to the tennis team and I had the greatest time there, training some days a week and meeting amazing people. I feel like I am a different person now, happier, more mature, with more knowledge and with new friends, and I will always be very thankful to London Met and my home university for this huge opportunity that has changed my life."

Alberto Girones, from Barcelona, Spain

"I will never forget my semester at London Met. At the beginning I was worried about friends, classes and accommodation. Once I arrived, everything was so easy. I made friends from all over the world and I learned so much. I really enjoyed my time in London because the city gives you the opportunity to do so many things and discover so many places. The services from the library at London Met are amazing. I definitely recommend this experience to all students."

Andreas Lauk, from Germany

"Looking back I would say that it was my greatest experience so far. I have not only made a lot of friends, especially with students all over the world, which has increased my cultural awareness, but also developed my professional skills. I really like the academic atmosphere of London Met. On the one hand you have the lectures, but then you have the personal atmosphere in small groups within the seminar sessions. Especially in the seminars, I have improved my English skills, because of group works and presentations. All in all the organisation, the modules, the library and the lecturers at London Met were brilliant and I really enjoyed studying there.

"The other nice part of my abroad semester was the city itself. London offers a huge variety of leisure activities and cultural activities like museums or other exhibitions. But at the same time the nightlife and the shopping streets are awesome!

"It was my greatest experience ever, and I would recommend everyone to do a semester abroad in London!"

Laura, from Finland

"I chose London Metropolitan University for three reasons. First, I love London and living there for a semester would be nearly a dream come true (the best thing would be living there without a certain date of departing). Secondly, I checked numerous web pages and the one for Study in London students at London Met was convincing. And lastly I found out that quite a lot of Finns have either studied or are still studying at London Met. "If they can manage it, I can too," I thought.

I left London and London Met a month ago and I miss everything. Britons are by far the nicest people I know and we share the same sense of humour. I value the lecturers I met greatly. They were professional and enthusiastic. I most certainly enjoyed the lectures and particularly the seminars. The atmosphere was cheering and informative. London was everything I expected and more. Furthermore, I had time to travel around the country and during the Easter holidays I did a tour to Ireland. There were only two negative things I had to face: saying goodbye to London and Marmite."

Leonhard Kemnitzer, from Würzburg, Germany

"I studied at London Metropolitan University for one semester. I took four modules that gave me the chance to deepen my background in business studies, finance and international politics. This was an excellent addition to my degree programme at my home university in Germany. I also took part in the Open Language Programme and had the opportunity to further improve my language skills, especially in the area of business communications.

"During my time in London I met many interesting people from countries all around the world and I am very glad I took the chance to study in one of the most exciting cities in the world. My stay in London helped me to get to know British culture and provided me with a deep insight into the way of life in the United Kingdom. I believe this experience was personally and professionally very important for me."

Isabell Muelke, from Munich, Germany

"Thank you very much for a fantastic semester abroad and I can only recommend London Met. I loved the people and London really is a wonderful city to study in. Many thanks."

Student from Germany

"I really enjoyed my time at London Met so much. At first I was worried about the size of the University as my university in Germany was much smaller. But soon I met people from all parts of the world, got a lot of new and fantastic friends, and learned a lot in the very personal seminars and lectures that my programme offered. I really liked my lecturers as they really cared about me doing well and they were really good teachers. London is a great city to meet new people and have a fantastic time. I am definitely thinking of coming back here one day."

Caroline Krejci, from Vienna, Austria

"Looking back, it is absolutely clear that I will never forget my semester at London Met. When I arrived I was a bit worried about my classes and exams but after a week or two everything turned out to be great. I definitely chose the right modules. I learned a lot of new and interesting things during my classes and seminar discussions beside making new friends all over the world. The essays we had to write were a great opportunity to improve my written English and my academic writing skills. I really enjoyed my time in London as the city offers a lot of great things. We explored very cool places and bars I will definitely miss. I would recommend everyone to do an semester abroad in London."

Stefan Marrec, from Hautes Etudes Internationales, France

"Thanks for everything you did for us on our trip in London Met, we really had a great experience. I graduated thanks to the amazing teachers you have. Again, thanks for all the advice and the energy you put into your work."

Cassandra Clark, from Carthage College, Wisconsin

"My semester at London Met was an experience I will never forget. I found the people in the city and the University couldn't be more friendly and helpful. Being in London was amazing."

Chloe Antrobus, from Loyola University, Chicago

"My time in London will be one of my life's greatest adventures! Being completely independent is a new feeling and pushing myself outside my comfort zone has been really rewarding. I've met so many great people and my time at uni wouldn't have been the same without London Met."

Esther Dawson, from New Zealand

"People say that studying abroad is the best decision they've made to date. They say it for a reason. Because it's true. London is a wonderful city to live in and studying at London Met allowed me the freedom to see the city and further afield into the UK and Europe. There was no need to be nervous before starting at London Met, by the end of my semester I felt very confident in each of my modules and knew I could approach each of my lecturers with questions if I needed it. A highlight were the trips that London Met took the study abroad students on; we definitely felt acknowledged and appreciated. The capital city is absolutely wonderful and you will never have a moment where there is nothing to do! It makes all who visit know that they'll definitely be coming back."

Taylor Altwarg, from Canisius College, Buffalo, New York

"Coming from a small college in the United States, I wasn’t sure how I was going to adjust to a bigger school in a much larger city, but upon arrival, my uncertainties were laid to rest. London quickly became my second home and London Metropolitan, my new home university. The orientation programs provided for incoming international students were really great and helped us form a bond with each other that lasted throughout our stay in London and beyond. The school environment was quite welcoming and students and lecturers alike were very personable and helped me as well as the other international students adjust fairly seamlessly to this new school setting. Although the teaching style and workload was different from what I was accustomed to back in the US, I felt the lecturers were very willing to assist and clear up any questions that I had. The classes that I took at London Metropolitan kept me on track with the coursework that I currently have at Canisius College, the school I attend in the US. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in London and attending London Metropolitan University and I highly recommend it to any prospective students."

Kim Fischer, from Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Germany

"Studying abroad probably shaped me more than anything I have ever done before. Of course, the first 1-2 weeks of living in a foreign country were
quite intimidating because everything was new. But as soon as the orientation week started, I had the possibility to meet new people from all
around the world and make new close friends and get to know the University. London Met is very international, which makes the atmosphere very
special. No one was left out and we all learned a lot during the semester. The lecturers were really supportive and open-minded. I honestly had the
best time of my life and not one day goes by on which I do not think about it."

Ceyda Selin Öztürk, from Bilkent University, Turkey

"I will never forget my semester abroad experience at London Met. At first I was worried about classes, modules and new people but London Met
made everything better. The university was quite welcoming and helpful for all the exchange students. Lecturers and Study Abroad Office are
very kind and willing to help us about anything. London is a great city to spend an amazing semester with its unending opportunities. I would
recommend everyone to make their choice for come to London and London Met. They will definitely understand what I am talking about!"