Media: photography and film

Photography and film are an important way of supplementing our written publications in print and online. The quality of the output gives a lasting impression of the University and so it is important that the high standards set out in the guidelines below are maintained.

The lens of a camera


When setting up a photo or film shoot please ensure that all models sign a consent form (link available to staff only). This gives us permission to use the output for its original, and other, marketing purposes.

It is important to ask your model(s) to read this form thoroughly before they sign it. In some cases, our models prefer not to be used again in the future so please check with the Marketing team if you are planning on using a certain image for a large external project.

If you are hosting an event and wish to take photographs or film, please use signs to inform attendees that they may be caught on camera in the background, providing a contact for those that do not wish their image to be used. It is also recommended where possible to inform attendees in advance of the event, eg on the event booking form and confirmation emails, that photography/filming will be taking place.