If you are considering producing a film please contact the Marketing team: There is a University film-maker based in the ISS team who can support the production of some films.

A person holding a shoulder-mounted camera

Presenter led films

This style of film is appropriate for official University announcements, promotional video communications and course leader videos.

They are characterised by the presenter talking directly to camera and afford a more personal, friendly tone. The presenter should not be seen to be reading off a script and should maintain eye contact with the camera as much as possible.

This type of film requires a confident and adept presenter – it is wise to choose someone who has experience in media presentation to save on editing time in post-production.

This particular style should not be used for staff or student testimonials.

Off camera interviewer films

This style of film can be used for both promotional purposes and for seeking out the opinions of our staff, students or alumni and is carried out in interview style.

The interviewer is positioned off camera and diagonally opposite to the person being interviewed. This affords a more professional tone akin to documentary interview techniques.

The interviewer’s questions should not be included in the edit, and so the person being interviewed should be encouraged to begin their answer using the wording of the question.

“My name and course title is…”

“I enjoyed studying at London Met because…”

Film graphics and styles

London Metropolitan University films should only use brand colours and approved fonts. There are established graphics and styles for film introductions, nameplates and credits. Please contact Marketing for more information.