Teacher Apprenticeship

We have a strong track record in delivering work-based learning and we have a strong track record of working with schools to offer teacher apprenticeship opportunities. 

We work in collaboration with many schools and Teaching Schools Alliances, and we are now the official provider of teacher apprenticeships for a number of local boroughs in London and beyond. There are opportunities for more schools and alliances to work with us, either as a lead school or in conjunction with one of our existing partners, perhaps as a stepping stone to developing your own programmes.

What is a teacher apprenticeship?

A teacher apprenticeship is a nationally recognised, work-based route into teaching. It offers participants a postgraduate-level qualification without having to pay tuition fees, and the ability to earn while they learn. 

We offer teacher apprenticeships in both primary and secondary teaching areas. Find out more about teacher apprenticeships

Benefits to schools

Recruitment for this route into teaching has been growing, with more and more schools wanting to develop their own teachers, but offering teacher apprenticeship opportunities also has other advantages:  

  • You’re able to grow your own number of staff - training apprentices are employed by you so are committed to your school
  • Levy-paying schools (typically community/local authority schools or large academies) will be able to access funding from the Apprenticeship Levy, which is currently £9,000 for the Teacher Apprenticeship
  • Non levy-paying schools (usually voluntary, smaller academies and free schools), we can help you apply for support to cover 95% of the training costs
  • Lead schools may be entitled to receive grant funding for each of their apprentices
  • Trainees are initially employed as unqualified teachers but develop rapidly so are soon able to take on a teaching load 
  • Trainees also receive guaranteed training, so they build learning on and off the job 

How we’ll work with you

We will set up an initial meeting to discuss your requirements and the best way forward. We are experienced at helping schools to get started and are able to offer considerable guidance and support to enable you to do so.

Together, we can create a delivery model that suits your school and apprentices. Our programme can be delivered from our London campus, or closer to your school if there is a larger cohort of teacher apprentices. 

Why choose us?

We have a long and proud history of leading teacher training programmes for London schools. With this, we bring a wealth of experience, a highly-trained team of tutors and a guiding hand for the schools we work with. 

By collaborating with you, we can create a programme that meets your needs and provide support along the way.

How to engage with us

Complete our contact form and our team will be in touch to discuss the teacher apprenticeship with you. 

Alternatively, you can get in touch using the below details: 

Email us: Vanessa Airth at apprenticeships@londonmet.ac.uk

Apprentice teachers in a primary school classroom

What our partners say:

“The apprentice teacher route was immediately attractive to us, as it offered us the opportunity to train our own teachers on the job, knowing that they would also receive the input from London Met on their university days and tutor sessions. We enjoy a good working relationship with the education department [at London Met].”

Stephen Hall, Former Executive Headteacher at The Viridis Federation of Schools, Hackney 

Further information:

Government guidance on apprenticeships

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