Security services at London Met

London Met's Security Team is here to support and protect everyone in our community. We help to create a University where everyone feels safe, welcomed and respected.



  • 020 7320 3333 If you require immediate assistance on/around campus
  • If you require an ambulance ring 999 first and then inform Security Services.


  • 020 7133 2079

We recommend that you save these numbers in your mobile phone for quick access if you ever need them.

Security Services officers regularly patrol and are available to respond to incidents across the entire campus. Over 100 CCTV cameras from both the Holloway and Aldgate campuses are fed to the Security Control Room at Holloway.

An image of a member of London Met's security team

Security services and advice





Tim Moore

Security & Resilience Manager

020 7133 2131

Garry Abbott

Security Coordinator

020 7133 2764

Mark Batty

Security Supervisor 

Michael Nelson

Security Supervisor

David Teague

Security Supervisor

Michael Sista

Security Supervisor

Ghulam Marwat

Security Supervisor

Security Services

General Contact

020 7133 2079

Make sure you have the Security Control Room number 020 7133 2079 and emergency number 020 7320 3333 programmed into your phone. If you are on University premises or nearby, and you feel threatened in any way, please do not hesitate to call us. 

  • Report any suspicious activity you encounter. Never assume someone else has, or will, report it.
  • Keep to well-lit and populated routes. 
  • Don't walk home alone if you can avoid it. Book a taxi through a reputable taxi firm or app. Alternatively, walk with a friend or group of friends.
  • If you are going to walk alone, tell a friend where you are going. Stick to familiar routes. Consider the use of smartphone apps like "find my friend".
  • Consider places of safety in the area that you could go to if necessary. These might be cafés, shops or 24‐hour garages. Such places which will usually be well lit, busy and may have CCTV and even security staff.
  • If threatened, be prepared to give up bags or phones. Property can be replaced. You cannot.
  • Be discreet with your belongings.
  • Always carry a personal attack alarm 
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Being engrossed in your smartphone can reduce your awareness of what is happening around you.
  • Do not be afraid to ring 999 in an emergency.

There are limited spaces available for the parking and or unloading of vehicles on the University campus. In general, there is no car parking available on campus, other than spaces reserved for disabled students and staff. Staff and students are encouraged to use public transport, cycle or walk if they are able to.

Accessible Parking

All marked disabled spaces are reserved for designated Blue Badge holders which must be displayed whilst the vehicle is parked on campus. Staff who have other accessibility needs, but who do not hold a Blue Badge, may also use a disabled space when recommended by their GP and following an Occupational Health referral.

Students who have other accessibility needs, but who do not hold a Blue Badge, may use a disabled space after discussing their needs with Student Services who will then inform Security Services that parking is recommended.

Visitor Parking

Ad-hoc or irregular visitors should make parking requests via the department or School they are visiting. In general, there is no visitor parking, but exceptions can be made for visitors with accessibility needs. Guests or visitors with specific requirements, such as security concerns, may also be granted parking where available.

Urgent / Emergency Parking

Staff required to attend site on urgent matters, or in emergency situations, should be accommodated where possible but must request this via the Security Team.

Contractor Parking

The University is not in a position to allocate parking spaces to contractors. It is the responsibility of the member of staff leading a project or arranging other works, to make the necessary arrangements for parking for their visitors.

Loading & Unloading

Contractors must ensure that Security Services and reception staff are aware of any unloading and loading or items that need to be delivered to pre-specified locations. All delivery drivers must leave contact details at reception

Parking Requests

All parking requests can be raised via the Helpdesk  or phone 020 7133 4112. The Helpdesk will notify Security Services.

There are more than one hundred CCTV cameras covering areas across both campuses, which help us to ensure the safety of our students, staff and visitors.

CCTV is an important tool which can help support the safety and security of the university’s buildings, staff, students and visitors. Security Services monitor and manage the CCTV system via the Security Control Room. We ensure that it is used responsibly and does not needlessly impact on the privacy of individuals. 

The University uses CCTV to:

  • assist with health and safety
  • detect, prevent, reduce or investigate the incidence of crime or vandalism
  • prevent and respond effectively to all forms of harassment and disorder
  • improve the operational response of London Met security/building management personnel and to monitor staff based at remote locations for welfare purposes
  • investigate suspected breaches of London Met regulations
  • assist in managing external areas such as car parks, bike racks and external entrances in order to prevent or reduce crime, prevent unauthorised access, ensure rough sleepers are not in place and to identify any obstructions
  • assist in managing internal areas such as corridors and final exit routes 
  • ensure fire escape routes and exit doors are kept clear
  • monitor early/late deliveries/collections and ensure that these are compliant with any restrictions and do not cause a nuisance
  • assist in entry and egress via remote operation of access control such as disabled doors and car park gates
  • comply with any licensing requirements imposed by local authorities 
  • ensure the protection of assets.

These are some of the rules and regulations that the University’s CCTV system is subject to:

  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • General Data Protection Regulation UK-GDPR 2020
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
  • Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013
  • Security Industry Association (SIA) CCTV operator licencing

Additional control mechanisms are:  

  • The University’s Data Protection Policy which can be found on the London Met website Data Protection Policy 
  • The Estates CCTV Viewing Policy

Subject Access Requests: 

Download and complete our Subject Access Form 

Once completed, these need to be sent along with proof of identity to:

Information Compliance Manager
University Secretary’s Office
London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB 

Telephone: 020 7133 4137

Metropolitan Police

There are a number of ways to contact the Police

Police Partner Agencies

Contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team 

Use the Metropolitan Police's postcode search page to find out who your local Neighbourhood Policing team is, or contact a Police Constable or Police Community Support Officers.

Security services and guidance

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