Music Technology at London Met

a mixing deck and 2 screens in a music control room

Man in headphones standing in the dark next to a grand piano laying on it's side and lit up inside

an image of an audient desk or mixing deck in a music control room

a mixing deck and 2 screens in a music control room, a live recording room behind them

a drum kit in the forefront and 3 guitars in the background leaning against a wall

a close up image of a microphone recording

a close up of an open and lit up Bosendorfer grand piano with 2 microphones near it for recording

a close up image of a recording device, microphone

Hands on the dials of a dj mixing deck

equipment in a music surround sound studio, 2 screens, keyboards and mixing decks

a large mixing deck at the front of the photo, 2 screens and 2 keyboards further away and 3 large speakers in the background

image of surround sound studio equipment: ADR in the forefront, a screen and speaker in the background

2 images next to each other,  both of a narrow space like a staircase lit up by blue light

3 pieces of sound recording equipment, all with screens of different sizes with different images on them, places at the bottom of concrete stairs

3 pieces of equipment and a standing microphone in the dark in the forefront, in front of them a wall lit up in blue with white stripes in the middle

Use the latest technology in our music studios