Woodwork - Calcutta House, rooms CMG-10, CMG-12 and CMG-12a
Photograph of a man working on a wood mill.

Woodwork tools

Pillar drills
Horizontal drill
CNC saw
Dimension saws (staff only)
Cross cut saw
Spindle moulders
Overhead routing machines
Disc, belt and small bobbin sanders
Speed sander
Surface planers
Wood turning lathe
Dovetailer (solid wood only)
Grinding wheels (staff only)
Sharpening equipment
Power tools (drills, grinders, belt sanders, hand routers, biscuit jointers)
Various hand tools


Calcutta House, rooms CMG-10, CMG-12 and CMG-12a


Peter Hufton and Robert Naylor

Open access

Please see the schedule on the door for access times.


Wood materials

To be able to serve you quickly, we now sell pre-cut sheet materials in a range of standard sizes.

Please see Chris and Harvey in the 3D workshop (room CMB-19), or Pete and Rob in room CMG-10. For specialist cutting requests please see Pete and Rob during open access sessions.

Basic entry requirements: Level 1 Health and Safety induction.
Personal Protective Equipment requirements: Goggles and ear defenders provided.