Surface coatings - Calcutta House CMB-09, CMB-10, CMB-11 and CMB-13
Surface Coatings - Calcutta House
Facilities and tools

Spray finishing conventional: Airless, Airmix

Spray booths: water wash, dry back
Specialist colour mixing
Electrostatic powder coating
Fluidise bed
Grit blasting
Traditional hand finishing
Specialist sanding equipment

Forming, laminating and veneering

Day light press 2.6m x 1.4m
Vacuum bench press 3m x 1.6m
Wood veneer guillotine 3m


Calcutta House CMB-09, CMB-10, CMB-11 and CMB-13


Andy Hills

Open access

Please see the schedule for access times.

Basic entry requirements: Finishing health and safety induction
Personal protective equipment requirements: P3 filter respirator mask
Gloves are provided

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