Digital media

Digital Media 2020 Projects

Freya Emily Turner
Foxtronaut Finds a Black Hole: A Mixed-Reality Science Adventure Book for Children

Sarah Mitchell
The Nomad App: The User Experience Design of a Mobile App to Enhance the Music Festival Journey

Wassim Ferras
Investigating Pixel Art Animation through the Design and Animation of Optimus Prime, Leader of the Transformers

Clara Gdabo
Designing a website to engage with the impact of digitisation on the fast growing afrobeat industry

Audrina Notalan
In-Flight Passenger Comfort Using Virtual Reality

Luke Chaudhry
Guerrilla Meditation: A Mobile Application to Combat Stress and Aid Mental Health of a Mobile Phone User

Claudia Colom:
Are you a real hunter? An augmented reality social media campaign for Jagermeister

Student using her phone to mirror and image of a ferris wheel onto a television monitor
For those interested in digital media at postgraduate level, our Digital Media MA is an ideal route into this widespread field.

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