Dr Marian Hepburn

Dr Marian Hepburn is the course leader for Digital Media BA (Hons) in the School of Computing and Digital Media. Her current teaching specialisms are related to the field of interaction design and social media. 

Dr Hepburn is interested in supervising research projects in these design fields at master's and PhD level. 
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Dr Marian Hepburn

Dr Marian Rose Hepburn is currently the course leader for the Digital Media BA at London Met. Her current research interests are on somaesthetic interaction design, critical design research, emotional and aesthetic factors in mobile learning and devices, HCI and multimodal interaction, methodologies for new media and new technologies research.

Dr Hepburn has taught across a range practical and theoretical digital media modules, ranging from media production to designing and scripting, 2D animation, augmented and virtual reality, social media, web design and interaction design. Current interests in the Digital Media course area include sound in interaction design, animation, social media and critical design research and novel user interfaces. Dr Hepburn encourages student development with technologies such as interactive holograms, augmented reality and projection-mapping to push forward the boundaries of somaaesthetic interaction design and user experience.

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Dr Marian Hepburn
Senior Lecturer and course leader for Digital Media BA
School of Computing and Digital Media
London Metropolitan University