Studio 5: Open House

Studio philosophy

'a place or situation in which all visitors are welcome'

This studio invites free thinking individuals, we encourage open mindedness, arrive open to learn and develop, open new doors, new horizons, new contexts and new books.

The Open House studio asks you to  consider open source, what does it mean to be freely accessible and to share? To open a window is to leave space allowing vision and access. Be open to unfold and spread out. This is a space with a view which is not closed or blocked.

The spirit and philosophy of the studio encourages the experimental development, exploration, techniques, research and practice needed to become a successful visual communicator.

This studio will explore Socially Responsive Design. A multi-­disciplinary studio, with the goal of using the power of visual communication to better the community and environment. Working across the fields of illustration, graphic design, super graphics, interior, installation, event design, environment design and wall painting.

We believe in 'Learning by Doing'. Every project is different and we embark on new challenges with excitement, an adventurous mind and observant senses.  

You will learn how to initiate projects, to carry out a design process, to set and control budgets. You will execute the promotion and marketing, work in a team and see the whole project through from beginning to end, just as we run professional projects in our own studio. 

Studio Briefs:
The studio will deliver a series of short briefs in term one, moving into a LIVE project with deadline at the end of term two. 

We will start the year with a series of workshops and practical skills (open to Year 2 & 3 students). Short briefs of 1-2 weeks will enable you to experiment, explore, learn and develop visual skills and critical and analytical mind. The briefs are optional for L6, but will be designed to optimise the benefits of the workshop. 

During the second part of the year, we will focus on implementation of the skills explored that culminate in the LIVE project in March.

The final part of the year, we will focus on reflective work, creating your own individual portfolio and final summer show. 

We will run short Portfolio Surgeries and group feedback throughout the year, where you will bring all your work to gather feedback from peers and special invited practitioners. 

List of Workshops and mini-briefs:
Poster, Fanzine/ Watercolour/ Collage, Typography/ CV/ Portfolio, Mark making, Record Sleeve/ paper collage, Visual Identity, Monoprinting, Bookbinding, Box Making, Handmade Animation, Sketchbook Challenge/ ideas and concepting, Portrait drawing, Layout and Composition, Postcard Fundraising project (produce 30 cards), Travel Journey Sketchbook, Papercut London/ Editorial, Life drawing, Reflective Diary. 

Optional tasks:
We encouraged all studio participants to develop your own blog and website. 

Studio Visits:
Overseas study trip.
Design Museum, London, Wood Street, Walthamstow, Regeneration Project, Sir John Soanes Museum, London.

Digital forum:
Check out #casslifesaver on Instagram to see what our studio created did 13/14.

Illustrations, Graphics, Bookbinding and Box Making, Packaging


Course Graphic Design BA (Hons)
Illustration BA (Hons)
Tutor Cecilie Barstad
Emily Evans
Gilles Jourdan
Where Studio 5, 6th Floor, Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays