Music Production (studio and live productions)

Studio brief

NOTE: this studio is only for students at level 6 (Honours) of the course BSc Music Technology (Music Production).

The main aims of the studio are to individually develop the skills to plan and produce a mini album with 5 different compositions, whose characteristics are described below:

  • 3 own compositions of music in any style, one of which must be produced by the other member of the group of 2. The compositions must show however three different styles, with different instrumentations in each case. The core of these productions is based on recording sound, therefore the usage of MIDI is not allowed for the main frame of any of these songs, and can only be used for exceptional cases and only after consultation with the tutor
  • 1x live production of one song (not necessarily an own composition) with studio post-production
  • 1x composition and production of music to be chosen from either:
  • music for the moving image (film or TV series, etc.) [possibility of collaborations with one of the Studios in the Film & Broadcast Production area]
  • experimental music including electroacoustic music (in this case, an option is to mix it either in Stereo or in surround 5.1; if in surround 5.1, the materials should be presented on an AUDIO DVD with both AC3 and LPCM formats)
  • a second live project with studio postproduction.

The mini-album must be accompanied by plenty of practical documentation (data CD or DVD or USB stick with track/sound libraries, audio sequence projects, etc.), plus a logbook of ca. 5000 words (for the module MD6004) and a report of ca. 5000 words (for the module 6006).


Course Music Technology (Music Production)
Module MD6004 & MD6006
Tutor Javier Garavaglia