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Studio brief

This studio will encourage the exploration of screen fiction as a crucial “guide to living” through researching existing film texts and the development of new original work.

“Stories are equipment for living.”
Kenneth Burke.

In this studio students will be encouraged to explore narrative fiction as a crucial “guide to living” by considering themes and subject matter with personal relevance and resonance. They will begin by researching these themes in existing film and television, presenting the resulting knowledge in the form of a short “essay” film.
Students will also develop a script for a short film drama, using the insight gained from their “historical” overview of material containing similar themes to inform and enrich their own work. At the conclusion of the development period, a number of scripts will be selected to take forward to production.

Relevant viewing & reading

Ascher, S & Pincus, E. (2013) The Filmmaker’s Handbook. New York: Plume
Thompson, R. (2009) Grammar of the Shot. Oxford: Focal Press.
Thompson, R. (2009) Grammar of the Edit. Oxford: Focal Press.
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Article about essay films


Kids (1995) Directed by Larry Clark.
Kes (1969) Directed by Ken Loach.
Winter’s bone (2010) Directed by Debra Granik.
Fishtank (2009) Directed by Andrea Arnold.
The Selfish Giant (2013) Directed by Clio Barnard.
Top Boy, TV series (2011) Created by Ronan Bennett. 

 Image Credit: Marcel McCalla and Tommy McGuinness in a scene from “Tick”


Course Film & Broadcast Production BA (Hons)
Tutors Peter Hewitt
Anita Lewton