Studio 7

Studio brief

Reclaiming - Remaking 

Based in London and Kathmandu the studio will investigate how architecture can both learn lessons from the past and invent new solutions for the future. The student will be expected through a weekly series of tasks and presentations to examine where ideas and things come from, and propose in turn their own unique response to the situations they find. 

We will start work in London drawing and making at a scale of 1.1 and gradually through the year work down through the scales towards the city context at a scale of 1.10,000, this will involve finding existing objects and situations and recording and reconstructing them to create new pieces. 

Based either in London of Kathmandu we will locate particular architectural elements and draw and make them at a scale of 1.10 within the context of a particular space. This detailed look will allow for the exploration of how architectural elements and are used over time, and how variations illustrate the many conflicting demands put on architecture throughout its long life. Imagining and recording this life will form a key stage in the Studio’s examination of architecture. 

The main project will evolve from the particular circumstances that each student will describe and allow proposals for a modest sized multi storey building drawn at 1.100 in plan section and elevation to be located on a site in London or Kathmandu. The brief for the project will involve the processes of reclaiming and remaking in some form or another. It will be placed in the city context at a scale of 1.1000.


Course Architecture BA (Hons) RIBA Part 1
Tutor Bob Barnes
Bo Tang