The Decisive Moment

Studio brief

Most stories revolve around a decisive moment. In this studio we will explore the notion of the ‘moment’ and how to play with the relationship between time, space, duration, motion and action to make a film or animation that crystalizes a decisive moment.

"There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment." – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Most short stories revolve around a moment, often a decisive moment. Decisive moments are interesting and exciting. They are the culmination of a story. They can be the culmination of an emotional, physical or philosophical journey. They are a bit like the highest point of a rollercoaster ride. Just like in a roller coaster ride, the anticipation that is building the higher up the track you get and the rush you get when you are crashing down the track on the other side are often just as exciting as reaching the top. A decisive moment does not have to be very big or dramatic. It can be small, but important and meaningful.

In this studio we will be exploring ‘the decisive moment’ through the making of a short film or animation. We will look at the notion of a ‘moment’ and the relationship between time, space, duration and motion in moving image work and how to combine these elements in different ways to tell a story.

Film stills, old and new


Course Media Practice: Animation
Tutors Pia Jönsson