Future Fashion

Studio philosophy

You will develop new approaches to constructing body pieces, textiles and garments, from a varied range of starting points, fusing both digital and craft technologies in the process.

In the Future Fashion studio, you will develop new approaches to constructing body pieces, textiles and garments, from a varied range of starting points. Through both research and practical exercises you will gain a good understanding of the three dimensionality and scale of the human body and of how it can be covered, revealed, extended, adorned, constricted and emphasised.

During the first part of the year you will map the body, constructing body pieces from geometric forms, flat pattern pieces and by working directly onto the mannequin, and will produce body pieces to show in a live fashion show.

The next stage of the project focuses on the exploration and manipulation of different materials to understand how their qualities can be used and exploited in textiles for garments. Textile specialisms will be explored in a more in-depth way through the teaching of both craft and digital technologies, with connections hopefully being realized between the two.

You will become more conversant with industrial standard computer applications as both a design and presentation tool through the course of the project, and will learn how to digitally present your work to a high standard.

In the final part of the project you will work to design and create a garment. This piece will show innovation in both its design and construction and also be resolved in terms of the way it functions, through both the design and the materials and textile structures used to make it.

Fashion student


Course Textile Design BA (Hons)
Where CR423B, 41 Commercial Road
When Tuesdays, Fridays
Tutor Claire Gill
Rentaro Nishimura

Studio images

 Construct Me!
Future Fashion Construct Me Lisa Posselt

By Lisa Posselt 

 Knitted dress
Future Fasion Knitted Dress Karina Klucnik

By Karina Klucnik 

 Work in progress
Future Fashion Work in Progress


Kadi Arula
Barbara Asagba
Nicole Bedborough
Vanessa Browne
Karen Buckley
Nikita Jackson
Winifred Kawonda
Eerika Leina
Camilla Ley
Eva Lisicanova
Amy Martin
Paula Nerlich
Katherine Nicolaiscu
Sophie Reeues
Libby Keizer- Shalom
Danielle Tweedie

Amina Abdulkadir
Fatima Abdulkadir
Rochelle Douglas
Georgia Farrell
Courtney Alexandra Harley
Lara Page
Rovena Pepi
Stephanie Tandoh
Lydia Tubi
Rozanne Shabnam Zahar Nabizadeh