Studio philosophy

Within this studio, you will explore the boundaries of creative practice and (societal/ self) censorship. Within a challenging (but ultimately legal & ethical) framework that you design, you will be encouraged to develop practice which responds to and drives forward other ground-breaking works of art and design.

How can you be original? Should you be? Can you subvert the viewer or user to ensure that they see with fresh eyes your worldview? Is your worldview relevant or engaging for others? Why should others listen to you?

How are subcultures or minor groups represented or spoken to within contemporary design/ culture/ art practice? Is your position to reflect societal issues or drive change?

Should you work within institutional parameters or comment/ subvert from outside?

Project Brief

These are a few of the questions we will explore through action-based, interventionist practice throughout London. You will devise your own programme of practice in line with your social and/or political views and your area of specialist practice.

Visiting leading centres for intervention (such as New York MOMA, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, INIVA), commercial studios (such as Alexander McQueen, Tatty Devine) and meeting practitioners who both court controversy and drive disciplinary debate (such as Grayson Perry, Chicks on Speed), you will need to position yourself carefully and knowingly within the world of shock & controversy.

Image credit: Charlotte Gorse


Course Jewellery and Silversmithing BA (Hons)
Jewellery MA
Textile Design BA (Hons)
Where CR423A, 41 Commercial Road
When Mondays, Thursdays
Tutor Charlotte Gorse
Aimee McWilliams

Studio images

Design By Aimee McWilliams

By Aimee McWilliams 

 'The Muse': Work in progress
Anarchy The Muse Elisha Massiah

By Elisha Massiah 

 'The Muse': Work in progress
Anarchy The Muse detail Elisha Massiah

Detail by Elisha Massiah 

 'The Muse': Work in progress
Anarchy The Muse Sample Elisha Massiah

Sample by Elisha Massiah 

 Who Cares? London East
BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing Degree Show

Jewellery by Agnes Fok 

 Who Cares? London East
Anarchy Jewellery Agnes Fok

Jewellery by Agnes Fok 

 'The Muse' Project
Anarchy The Muse Iyanu Odewale

Samples by Iyanu Odewale 

 'Underground' Industry Project
Anarchy Underground Nermin Sisman

Samples by Nermin Sisman 

 'Underground' Industry Project
Anarchy Underground Nermin Sisman 2

Sample by Nermin Sisman 

 'Underground' Industry Project
Anarchy Underground Zemona Parris

Sample by Zemona Parris 

 'Underground' Industry Project
Anarchy Underground Agnes Fok

Maquette by Agnes Fok 

 Rope Neckpiece
Anarchy Rope neckpiece Elisha Messiah

Elisha Massiah 

 Necklace and ring
Anarchy Necklace and ring Carina de Jager

Carina De Jager 

Leila Afghan
Mary Ayoola
Ann Chan
Alize Demange
Agnes Fok
Carina De Jager
Zurva Khan
Omar Majid
Nicola Margai
Bethany Middleton
Nilfa Musoke
Zemona Parris
Matea Prela
Alize Simone
Nermin Sisman
Sheree Stuart
Audra Tilbrook
Suzanne Kayan Tse

Aretha Anin
Earline Cameron
Nadia Deen
Zahra Dell
Holly Farrell
Rima Ghuwel
Elisha Massiah
Mehreen Mughal
Iyanu Odewale
Sanaed Prince
Clare Ashenden-Wadham