Diana Stirbu

Supporting inclusive recovery in London, 2021

London Met's Professor Diana Stirbu has been awarded funding in the range of £45,000 for a new project focused on inclusive engagement between local authorities and their constituent communities.

This comes following the successful delivery of a year-long peer learning programme for regeneration and social integration officers in London's local authorities (the Social Integration and Regeneration Learning Network). The grant comes from London Met's Transformation Funding to expand the initiative to a research and knowledge exchange programme.

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London Met policy expert awarded Fellowship with Welsh Parliament, 2020

Diana Stirbu, Professor of Public Policy and Governance at London Met, has recently been awarded an academic fellowship with the Welsh Parliament.

Her project will investigate ways of measuring the effectiveness of parliamentary committee activity, from scrutiny of legislation, scrutiny of government, policy development to public engagement and diversity of evidence.

Through a series of contextual research projects, in-depth qualitative interviews and workshops with the main stakeholders — politicians and officials primarily — she is developing a Theory of Change framework that can be customised for each committee, but which will contain common measures of effectiveness and methods of assessing them.

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Diana's photo portrait