System of Localised Common Good Objects: Cultural Commons in Neighbourhoods

This research aims to explore the potential of a commons sphere (citizen agency/community) to strengthen socially engaged art, design, and citizenship. The focus is on a system of material objects/resources as common goods embedded in creative practices of art and design, which seek new methods and practices in producing social ecosystems as commons in two neighbourhoods in London. By conceptualising a commons sphere as independent from the state and markets, the research offers new knowledge on practices and governance of commons, creating a space for self-determined waged work that would make the sphere of the community resilient to the precarity of volunteering and free time.

The research expands knowledge on methods for the localised production of goods, social relations, governance and labour practices. The data gained from this research aims to contribute to knowledge about the viability of an autonomous commons sphere. 

Local community in the local part creating an event.

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Start October 2023